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Alien species register acquaculture

In adopting (EC) Regulations nos. 708/2007, 506/2008, 535/2008 and the Regulation (EU) 304/2011 the European Union Council established a regulatory framework governing the use in acquaculture of alien and locally absent species.

The use of non indigenous species in aquaculture represents an important means for diversifying production, accompanied by significant expected social and economic benefits; however, aquaculture can also represent a significant vehicle for the unintentional introduction of invasive aquatic species and associated organisms.

Invasive alien species have been identified by the international community as one of the main causes of loss of biodiversity; article 8 of the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) states that each MemberState, wherever possible and appropriate, shall prohibit the introduction of allochthonous species and shall control or eradicate such species. The European Community, as a party to the CBD, adopted (EC) Regulations nos. 708/2007, 506/2008, 535/2008 and the Regulation (EU) 304/2011 in order to prevent and control the introduction of alien and associated species in aquaculture, prevent their spread and facilitate their eradication.

Article 5 of (EC) Regulation708/2007 provides for the designation of a competent or responsible Authority and the creation of an "Advisory Committee" composed of experts to assist the competent Authority in the process of authorizing the introduction and/or translocation of non indigenous species.

In Italy, the competent authority is the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Department of European and International Policies, which has designated an Advisory Committee of experts (D.M. 339/2008 of 12.12.2008) and has entrusted to ISPRA (Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), the Technical Secretariat supporting the activity of the Advisory Committee and the task of compiling a register of alien and locally absent species under the terms of (EC) Regulation no. 708/2007 and (EC) Regulation no. 535/2008.